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Dr. Martin Dysart, a dissatisfied and disaffected psychiatrist, is faced with a unique case when a young man, Alan Strang, is brought to him for treatment. Alan, a passionate and obsessive horse lover, has blinded six horses, to the horror and surprise of his family. In his efforts to coax Alan out of his shell and treat him, Dr. Dysart begins to unravel the complex psychological puzzle of Alan’s obsessions. Underneath Alan’s complacent manner, Dr. Dysart discovers a fervent, passionate, almost religious power that has both the power to destroy Alan, and perhaps, to save the doctor himself. English playwright Sir Peter Shaffer’s international hit is a dazzling, complex, and thrilling look at passion, sex, religion, and sanity.

Equus at Twilight Theater Company

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For Equus

"Three standout actors move Equus, which could otherwise be a bit dry and pretentious, into the “don’t miss” category. First by a mile is Skye McLaren Walton, who commits to the role of Alan with an unforgettable, burning intensity that draws us in and commands our attention whenever he takes center stage."
~ Tina Arth - Westside Theatre Reviews (link)

"But special kudos to Walton as the boy, who is a real find and is explosive in the role of a young man teetering on madness. [...] as he balances rage, wonder, vulnerability and pain"
~ Dennis Sparks - Dennis Sparks Reviews (link)

For Marat/Sade

"Skye McLaren Walton, who embraces Duperret’s sexual depravity with a boyish directness that is both massively disconcerting and darkly comical [...]"
~ James van Eaton - Fourth Wall Theatre Reviews (link)

"Skye McLaren Walton turns in an unforgettable performance as the incredibly libidinous Duperret"
~ Tina Arth - Westside Theatre Reviews (link)

For The Maltese Bodkin

"Skye McLaren Walton [...] is on fire as the tutu-wearing Puck, and his leap into the face of an audience member (mine, as it happens) left me hanging between glee and shock."
~ Tina Arth - Westside Theatre Reviews (link)

For The Bacchae

"Walton thoroughly uses swift and seductive motion on stage that serves the shady side of Dionysus’s character well."
~ Kimberlee Ponce - The Pacific Sentinel (link)

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